Bursaries & Awards


As part of the Legion Foundation’s commitment to support veterans and their families, we have partnered with a number of initiatives to provide bursaries and scholarships for:

  • Veterans looking to learn new skills or in need of financial assistance
  • Post secondary students looking to pursue higher education in a field of direct benefit to veterans or seniors
  • Secondary School programs that have a focus on helping veterans and seniors in their communities

Please contact our Program Partners to learn more about these programs

SFU Gerontology Graduate Program Bursary

Every year, we receive applications from the SFU Gerontology department to support seniors in BC.

BCIT Military Skills Conversion Program Bursaries

The Legion Military Skills Conversion Program is designed to help accelerate and advanced the careers of current and former serving Canadian Armed Forces Members. We aim to recognize the knowledge and skills developed during military service to offer fast-track education options and career support services.

BC Retired Teachers Association (BCTRA) Golden Star Award

The BCRTA believes that within every community there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom among seniors that could be used to enhance the learning experience of students at every grade level, right from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Retired educators realize that many such programs, in fact, already exist in our public schools.

In conjunction with the Legion Foundation BC/Yukon Command, a Golden Star Award has been created to recognize and reward established school programs in the public system that have, as the salient feature, the interaction of BC students and seniors and/or Veterans in inter-generational projects featuring remembrance and honor our national identity.